If I were to offer you $100 right now, and put it in your hand, would you take it? Of course you would! Because you see me handing it to you, and you believe that its now yours! But how come we doubt that our God is that good and gracious despite His word telling us He is over and over again?

I heard a story recently that really opened my eyes and I wanted to share it with you.

Imagine that you are walking with Jesus in Heaven… That’s where we will jump into the story….
We walked a little farther—and this is the most important, and perhaps the strangest, part of my story. I saw three storage houses 500 to 600 yards from the Throne Room of God. They were very long and very wide. There may be more, but I only saw three. We walked into the first. As Jesus shut the front door behind us, I looked around the interior in shock!

On one side of the building were exterior parts of the body. Legs hung from the wall, but the scene looked natural, not grotesque. On the other side of the building were shelves filled with eyes: green ones, brown ones, blue ones, and so forth. This building contained all of the parts of the human body that people on earth need, but Christians have not realized these blessings are waiting in heaven. There is no place else in the universe for these parts to go except right here on earth; no one else needs them.

Jesus said to me, “These are the unclaimed blessings. This building should not be full. It should be emptied. You should come in here with faith and get the needed parts for you, and the people you will come in contact with that day.” The unclaimed blessings are there in those storehouses—all of the parts of the body people might need: hundreds of new eyes, legs, skin, hair, eardrums—they are all there. All you have to do is go in and get what you need by the arm of faith, because it is there.

You do not have to cry and beg God to make the part you need. Just go get it. The doors to the storehouses are never locked. They are always open for those who need to go in. We should empty those buildings. Sometimes when we pray, an angel will leave heaven to bring us the answer—just as the angel did for Daniel (Dan. 10:12) but can’t get through right away. Daniel kept praying and fasting for 21 days, until he got his answer. Because of his persistence in prayer, the angel was able to get through the demonic hindrances of the second heavens, where the principalities, powers, and rulers of darkness of this world live. (Eph. 6:12.) What would have happened if Daniel had not kept praying and “pressing in” to God for his answer? The angel might not have gotten through the warfare with the Prince of Persia (Dan. 10:13), and Daniel would not have received an answer.

If he were like many Christians today, he would have said, “Well, this stuff just doesn’t work. I prayed and fasted, and God didn’t answer.” But the truth is that he would not have gotten his answer because he quit; he gave up too soon.

This truth applies to anything!! It doesn’t just have to be eyes and ears, and arms and legs… God has homes, cars, families, love, joy, peace, jobs, food, etc. Waiting for you in store houses in heaven! We just need to claim what He has already set aside for us!

I encourage you today, start thanking God for what He has prepared for you, and get ready to receive it! Keep pressing in, seek Him, and don’t be afraid to claim what He already said is YOURS!