Today was a bit of a rough day and honestly I was ready to put it behind me… Then I got out of the shower, got Jaxx ready for bed, and remembered I had to go pick up my daughter Avery from cheer!! It was all I could do to rush and get Jaxx boy loaded up and in the car and showed up only a minute late!

Avery was hungry and wanted to go to Chic-fil-A. As we sat in the line of 30 cars waiting to order…. I looked down and saw my WHY cards sitting there…. And I just knew, if you wanna feel better, bless someone!!! So I told Avery, let’s buy the car behind us food!! She said, but what if it’s a birthday party and it’s like $100!!! Then that’s what God wants I said!!! Knowing that wouldn’t be the case….

I pulled up, paid for our order and the car behind me and then I noticed… I had just one more WHY card left in my truck. And I felt God say, Pay for 2 cars! So I said, I’d like to pay for another one too! And she replied, that one is $36! Are you sure!

I won’t lie… That stung a bit… As of 2 months ago I went into ministry full time, relying only on God for supporting my family… But once you decide to love someone RECKLESSLY you don’t back out when you find out the cost…

I thought What if Jesus backed out last minute? What if he said I love you all, but the pain and cost is just TOO much… I’m so thankful he didn’t!! And that’s what makes it such a Reckless Love!! He gave knowing exactly what the cost would be, and ran head on and never looked back!!!

So I told the lady, that’s absolutely fine! I paid for the cars, got my receipt and never looked back to even see if they smiled. Because this time the blessing was for me. Yes they got blessed too, but God wanted to show me and teach me something. And in that moment of obedience my entire day was turned around!! He is such a good good father!!

So I wanna challenge you, love recklessly tomorrow. Never counting the cost! Simply love because Jesus loves you, and gave everything for you! Expect nothing in return… Watch what happens to you when you do!

Love you guys!
Kelly K

My wife was just scrolling through her Facebook feed and saw this!! God is soooo good!!! He knows exactly what he’s doing! How cool!! (see picture posted)