I recently had someone message me asking if I could help them figure out what God’s plan is for their life. And unfortunately, this is a very common questions most Christians have. We get saved and everyone tells us how awesome that is, and now were going to heaven!! YEA!!! But what do I do until then? People are super quick to tell you what NOT to do, but why doesn’t anyone help me figure out what TO do!!

So I would like to try and help out in this department. Or at least point you in the right direction! You see, before I gave God total control of my life, I tried MANY things to fulfill me. And I was moderately successful at all of them! Before I started preaching, teaching and making videos to help encourage people, I was a Tour Manager for the band RED. I worked with Nickelback. I was a stage manager for Warped Tour. I created and hosted a TV show for a local ABC station. I created and wrote for a magazine. I was an on-field MC for a baseball team. I was a stand up comedian. I was a professional musician. Etc… I’ve always had big goals and dreams for my life, but I was never truly happy or fulfilled until I lined up my life with the plans God had for my life.

So… How do we figure out what that plan is?

Did you know that God gave you a PREVIEW of His call on your life from the very day you were born? A preview of exactly what he wants you to do with your life!

See, I love going to the movies! I love the whole experience, from finding a movie I want to see, to being in the huge theater, getting snacks….. But more importantly… The previews!!! Oh man, the previews are absolutely amazing!!! I often get so caught up in the previews I forget what movie I’m actually there to see!! And the reason I like previews so much is because its all the BEST, funniest, most action packed scenes of a NEW movie that completely intrigue me, but yet, don’t go so far as spoiling what the surprise ending is going to be!! THATS AWESOME! I love that!  It pumps me up!  I leave talking about it, telling everyone, this movie coming out, man…. its gonna be SOOOO GOOD!!!


Its exciting to get a PREVIEW of something amazing to come…

And that is what God has done. He built a design for your life that is ultimately a preview of what He wants you to do! So, if  you ever wondered, what God wants for me? What does he want me to do with my life?  We can get a good start on finding that answer by asking a few questions.

What are you good at? what comes easy to you? What do others try so hard at that is just your natural ability?

That is your design! That is the preview of your calling! Your DESIGN is the preview to your PURPOSE. All the things you’re good at, just like the movie preview, are the BEST PARTS OF YOU!

Lets take a look at an example in the bible….

in 1 Samuel the Bible tells us about the first 2 Kings of Israel. King Saul, and King David. Saul was the first king, and the Bible says that Saul was a handsome man. No one was better looking in all of Israel. He was also taller than anyone else, no one else even came past his shoulders. He was a man of action, a dominant leader, and new how to rally people to a vision and get things done.

All those things that the bible says about Saul, definitely make him look to be an obvious choice for King!

Then we have David, the bible tells us he was  obviously very athletic and good with a sling (hence the lion, giant, and bear, Oh my…) He was extremely handsome, he was an amazing musician, and by reading the psalms we also know he was very good with words and speaking.  He also had a great natural charisma and relational instincts which made people love him and want to be around him. Also, a wonderful choice for King!

Both of these men had the call of God on their lives to be King, but the way God got them there was by using DESIGN!!! He used their strengths, talents, gifts and personality types to launch their careers!


This point is HUGE! A lot of people will think, now that they are saved, they have to move to Africa and be a missionary or something to that affect. But this is RARELY the case! God gave you abilities, strengths and passions, and you’ve had them with you your entire life! You don’t need to change and become someone completely different now that you have Jesus, you just need to renew your mind to match the mind of Christ! Start looking at what your good at and let God show you how to use that for him!!

One of my favorite quotes is by Martin Luther. He says, ” The Christian shoemaker does his duty not by putting little crosses on the shoes, but by making good shoes, because God is interested in good craftsmanship.”

Not everyone is called to be a preacher, or a missionary, or to be in front of millions talking about Jesus. Some are called to be bankers, police officers, moms, athletes, etc. Its not about changing who you are, its about changing HOW you do what God gave you the ability and passion to do.

You as a mom can reach people I cant as a preacher. You as construction worker can reach people the athlete cant. We all have a job to do and to do it to the best of our ability! Because in that job, God will be setting you up to be an example of Him to people that can only be reached through YOU!

So let me encourage you, God DEFINITELY has a specific plan for your life. Something he created YOU specifically to do. And he knew exactly what you would need in your life and as a person to get that job done. While most people may think that they are the way they are by chance and happenstance, the truth is, you were made this way for a purpose.

Your DESIGN has always been GOD’S design! He wants you to live your life on PURPOSE!

Start taking some time to evaluate yourself…. What am I good at? What do I like doing? What comes natural to me? Meditate on these things and then ask, God how can I use this for you? What is the plan of your design? And I know, it wont be long before the plot of that preview starts to unfold and unravel right in front of your eyes, leaving you in awe of the amazing story and plan, God has SPECIFICALLY for you!

Be blessed, I am!

Kelly K