We brought our youth group to the Kingdom Youth Conference. RLR was one of the sessions. We were so inspired to hear your story and to go out and love someone recklessly! (even though it was a little scary) Our youth kids were SO excited to find someone that needed to be loved on.

We went to Wal-Mart first. We decided to help people carry their bags and return their carts. Easy right? Except nobody wanted to let us help them! But that was ok. We just kept loving and smiling. Then our girls got the idea to run in and buy some candy and hand out free candy with a ‘why’ card. People were skeptical, but warmed up quickly. Over and over, they wanted to know what we were selling or (conveniently) “why” we were doing this. Well, I’m glad you asked!

Then we went to Starbucks to the drive-through. The kids were so excited to pool their money and pay for someone behind us. After waiting in a long line, we got to the spot to order, but nobody was behind us! Someone exclaimed “remember guys, we have to EXPECT”. Immediately the kids dropped their heads and prayed for someone to come behind us. Within about 30 seconds there they were. *cheers*

The young girl working the drive-through was very nice and when we offered to pay for the car behind she got a great big smile and was happy to be a part. She asked: “are you paying it forward?” We said “kind of, be we are out doing acts of kindness and just loving people today’. We told her about Wal-mart and our other experience while she was making our coffees. The kids in the van still had candy, so they couldn’t wait for me to give her and the workers some. The girl in the window couldn’t believe it. She said “This is SOO worth working the drive through all day.” It was amazing to see the smile and excitement in her eyes. Then we gave her a couple cards and asked if it would be ok, could she give one of them to the car behind, and that it explained why we were out loving people. Glorious.

Then, in our last few minutes, we stopped at a gas station and asked people if we could wash their windshields while they were filling up. A few people let us. It was so amazing.


We couldn’t believe how easy it was to simply go out and love people. Our kids want to do fundraisers so that we can have money to go out as a group and do this more often. They love that THEY can come up with ideas. It doesn’t have to be something that their pastor or mom or dad says to do. Their lives were changed by loving and giving and we pray that many people got to experience the love of God and hear the simple, saving gospel of Jesus Christ.


Kirk S.