5 Ways to Get Involved

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Take the RLR13 Challenge

Here at RLR we firmly believe that the more you help others and make their lives better, the more your life will be changed in return! Don’t believe us? Take the RLR13 Challenge and find out for yourself!

Sign up for the challenge and you’ll receive 13 WHY cards.  Your mission will be to hand out 2 cards a week for 6 weeks! The 13th card will saved for 1 EXTREME act of Reckless Love of your choosing!

Follow these steps:

  1. As soon as you get the cards, pray over them!  Ask God to direct you in how to use them and who to give them to. We aren’t just doing this for fun (even though it is); we want to target people specifically that God wants to do a work in!

  2. HAVE FUN WITH IT! (wait, didn’t you just say…) Yes, we want to bless who God wants us to bless, but let’s do it with JOY! Any way you want to get these into people’s hands, do it! Here are some examples. Pay for the car behind you at a drive through and have the employee give the card to them. Pay for the person in front or behind you at Starbucks! If you see someone changing a tire, struggling to carry something, doing a task that looks overwhelming, HELP THEM and give them a card! Anonymously pay for someone’s groceries. If you know of someone who is going through a tough season in their life, get them a card, tuck a gift card and a WHY card inside and leave it in their mail box!  Leave a big tip and the WHY card when you’re out eating or drinking coffee! (a $5 tip on a $40 meal doesn’t count; this is RECKLESS LOVE) Or come up with anything you want! Just have fun with it!

  3. Document at least one of these acts each week. Take a picture or film it if you can! (video is preferred, but we know that’s not always doable.) Then, submit it to the site and tell us what you did! Tell us why you chose that person, if you felt God directing you, how it changed your day, if you saw a reaction from the person, and anything else that impacted you. Again, just be open to the experience and take it all in! Many of these stories will be featured on the RLR site for millions of people to see!

Be available for an interruption in your life! Remember, most of the amazing miracles Jesus performed were interruptions when He was on His way to do something else! We can’t stress enough how this is going to bless you and change your life, perhaps even more than the people who get the cards!

In our world today we are so rushed to get from place to place, and our face is always in our phones. This is a chance for you to connect. Connect with God. Connect with people. Connect with your family. Connect with your friends. Don’t do this alone! Get as many people involved as you can! Really take time to embrace what we are doing.

God has something incredible in store for you!  We can’t wait to see what He does in YOUR life throughout this process!

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