We brought our youth group to the Kingdom Youth Conference yesterday (9/9-9/10/16). We sat in a small breakout session with Reckless Love ministry and learned the 3 keys to loving reckless. After the kids gave out several why cards at Mc Donald’s.
Later we came back to the church and played at the park across the street. There was a lady walking with a cane, so I got the kids attention and asked them to go pray. They all ran over there eagerly and began to pray. As they started to pray the lady broke down in tears. She began to tell us how much she has been struggling with the God thing lately and all of the issues in her life she is struggling with. She said she fell away from the Lord awhile back but grew up in the church. She was in physical and mental pain. We just continued to pray the Fathers Love over her. One of our young ladies began to boldly minister to her about how God will never leave her and how He loves her and that she is never alone. It was so beautiful. Tears continued to fall off her face. She thanked everyone for the prayers.
Thank you Reckless love team for pouring out into the youths and being an inspiration!