Kelly K, Preacher, Teacher, Writer and Motivational Speaker. Preaching the love of Jesus in a manner that is both progressive and passionate. Kelly K is a highly sought-after conference speaker, and social media E-vangelism teacher.  His messages reach out to inspire and encourage millions of lives through many multimedia platforms. Kelly K’s revelatory emphasis of Reckless Love and modernizing the Great Commission resonates powerfully within all generations by inspiring believers AND nonbelievers everywhere to take on the task of showing reckless love to everyone they collide with, one person at a time. Social media has been a strong tool for Kelly K to reach millions through his weekly posts about the reckless love of Jesus and functional faith that we can all use in our every day lives.

Voice of Motivation – How Kelly K Speaks

Kelly K’s approach to speaking focuses on bridging the gap of cultures, ages, and society by offering a sound that is relative to every listener. His message is one of love, faith, joy and hope in Jesus Christ. Kelly K  travels to any distance to share this amazing reckless love of Jesus and offer a new perspective on how reach a world that is used to tuning out anything even slightly “religious”. So many have been blessed by the words, love and passion of Kelly K.

If you would like to have Kelly K come speak to your Church, Group, Camp, or Meeting please send an email with details.