How do we reach people for Jesus without them instantly putting up a wall and tuning us out because that’s what they have been programmed to do?

That is a question that has been on my heart and mind for a long time…

My wife, for as long as I can remember, when she goes through a fast food restaurant she will pay for the car behind us. I fell in love with this idea and started doing it myself!  It felt good!  It feels great to bless other people.  And I would always play out in my mind the scenario that maybe they were having a bad day and God was using this to help them get through their day.

But one day, after doing this, a thought came into my mind…  I’m doing this because I love Jesus and I want to show these people the love of Jesus…  But THEY don’t know that!

And that was when God gave me the beginning of the RECKLESS LOVE REVOLUTION.

People love to do nice things for other people,  especially strangers!  On a large scale and a small scale. This is nothing new.  Pay it forward,  RAK, (random acts of kindness)  this has been going on for a long time.  But how can we do this and point them to Jesus?

Here is what God showed me…

Why Card Back

Why Card Front

The idea is to spark a question…  “WHY”?  Why would someone pay for my meal?  Why would someone leave me a recklessly large tip?  Why would someone who doesn’t know me help me change my tire?  Why would someone pay a bill for me?

When THEY have a question to ask the guard is down…  With that curiosity and the help of God,  we can direct them to a website,  just by leaving a card –  no words needed,  that automatically plays a video message explaining that the reason someone loved them so RECKLESSLY was because Jesus loved us so RECKLESSLY that he gave his entire life so that we could spend eternity with Him in heaven!!

Then they will have an opportunity to leave a comment or message explaining how this act impacted their day or their life.  And they have the opportunity to pass the card on and love someone else recklessly as well!

Again,  this is nothing new, the world loves to be generous. And the world loves the Internet.  Now let’s spark a curiosity and let the love of JESUS take the credit!

The goal is to eventually get the revolution as big as possible so that we can do amazingly HUGE reckless acts of love so the entire world will take notice to what we are doing!  This may start small,  but God has a BIG plan!!

The cards are ready and the website is being designed. But more needs to be done to get this Ministry going!  I want to get these cards into as many hands as possible and have as many people as possible start sharing their acts of RECKLESS LOVE!

If you would like to be involved in this Ministry from the beginning, I would be absolutely thrilled!  Pray about it!

I have set up a gofund me page to start raising the funds needed to get up and running, and whether you give $1 or $1000 I will send you 25-50 Reckless Love cards!  Let’s start a REVOLUTION!

Let’s love people so RECKLESSLY that they are forced to ask WHY?!  And then we will tell them,  JESUS!!


To contact me with any questions, email me at, KellyK@KellyK.Life

What do we need funding for?
1. More cards
2. Web hosting, design, and upkeep
3. Shirts, stickers, and other promotional materials
5. Postage
And so many more things to make the Revolution spread around the globe!