Kirk’s Story – Kingdom Youth Conference Minnesota

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We brought our youth group to the Kingdom Youth Conference. RLR was one of the sessions. We were so inspired to hear your story and to go out and love someone recklessly! (even though it was a little scary) Our youth kids were SO excited to find someone that needed to be loved on. We [...]

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How to get LUCKY

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I would be willing to bet,  at some point today, you heard someone say one of these phrases… He’s lucky! It’s my lucky day!  I wish I was lucky!  That was all lucky!  Lucky you!  Good luck! I’ve noticed people put a lot of value in luck. Everyone wants it,  and lots of people are [...]

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You are qualified, NOW!

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Did you ever have a friend in high school that you really didn’t know why you hung out with them? Like, they were just mean to you for no reason but you still hung out? Well,  I had Michael. He was a JR and I was a Freshman. Michael and I loved the band CAKE, [...]

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