In Kermit, Tx a lady came to Sonic (where I work) and she was so nice. She started explaining about Reckless Love Revolution and how her daughter and son in law are good people. Her son in law has a past. She said he is a man filled with tattoos and had done some things. He is now a minister. She gave me a 25 dollar tip and I couldn’t believe it. All she wanted me to do is share my story with all of you. She did this kind favor just so I could share the kindness with others. Kindness is contagious.

Her giving me this tip made me realize there are still some nice people out there.
This lady was covering her teeth while talking to me.. She said she was embarrassed of her teeth.. I thought to myself how sad that she can be that insecure. I myself do not judge and I smiled at her and let her know that her teeth weren’t any problem to me. She was a beautiful lady to me just because her soul was beautiful. I remembered her the rest of the day and I probably will never forget her.

I love the spreading of kindness and love. There is no better feeling than doing something good for someone else and making their day/week/month better. Knowing you’ve made a positive affect on someone truly warms my heart.



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